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Preparing For A Window Tint

Whether you are planning on doing your own window tinting, or are going to use an external company to do the work, there are some simple preparatory steps that you should take to ensure an good outcome. These are broadly as follows:

  • Clean your windows thoroughly – dirt, grime and oils can collect on glass, and these can make it hard to fit the tint film.
  • Repair any damage to the windows, and ideally the frame too.
  • Ensure the environment remains as dust-free as possible.

Taking these simple steps will ensure you get value for money from your window tint.

Choosing The Right Tint

It’s important to get the right tint for your car or property, and it’s also very important that whatever you do is legal too! Property tints aren’t subject generally to the same restrictions as vehicles are, but it’s still important that you allow the right level of light into rooms, and that the shades you choose are fit for purpose.

With vehicles, you must check the prevailing legislation as to the percentage that is legal, especially if you plan on doing any of the work yourself. If you’re employing a specialist to do the work for you, they’ll be able to advise on this latter point.